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Beijing Adler is an underground pipe network to provide integrated solution scheme of the company, the business scope relates to water supply pipe network, drainage pipelines, gas pipelines, power cable and communication cable etc. more than 20 kinds of pipe network detection, detection and monitoring technology products and general to provide users with a set of advanced intelligent sensing technology, networking technology and data mining technology is one of the software and hardware of the overall solution. Eder in addition to specify is more than a dozen foreign first-class network testing equipment supplier of China exclusive agent and agent, is also China's "Twelfth Five Year Plan" water special subject unit commitment, grant entrusted by the state has R & D and production out of a series of independent brands of soft, hardware products, which a number of techniques to fill gaps in the domestic, some products have been sold to foreign 18 countries and regions.

Adair's development is inseparable from the agents vigorously support, and agents to establish friendly cooperation is Adair's long-term development strategy, to create more of a win-win situation, now the purpose for users to get a better and more comprehensive service, in favor of the agents at all levels to achieve good returns, is conducive to Edel products and technologies widely used in the whole country, now invite agents around joined Edel development.