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Smart city water supply system


Smart city water supply system

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Wisdom of urban water supply management system closely water supply enterprises in the operation of the business process, from source to tap in the integration management of water pipe, water supply scheduling, quality supervision, network information, marketing management, customer service etc. business achieve the unity of function and data sharing and, while the information of the operation system of intelligent deep analysis and provide the auxiliary decision-making for water supply emergencies, to enhance their ability of dealing with emergencies, maximize reduce unexpected events may cause the loss, protect people's health and life safety, ensure the safety of urban water supply.
Wisdom of urban water supply management system is one of the key including application of DMA zone metering and explosion early warning of pipe leakage control and prevention of pipe explosion, to ensure that the water supply pipe network safe and reliable operation. District metering tube (District meter area (DMA) technology is the current domestic and foreign paid attention and application of effective technical measure for control of leakage. Quantitative leakage of water through the analysis of the minimum flow. This leak detection personnel can more accurately decide when and where the leak is more favorable. The process of leak detection, leak detection and leak repair is called active leakage control, which is used to monitor, record and alarm the pressure of high speed hydraulic hammer;
(1) system architecture:
Wisdom of urban water supply management system according to the standard on information management and information security system, application of networking technology, including the perception layer, network layer, application layer and oriented service system architecture (SOA) system, the water supply industry network information and marketing services and related data and business division, consolidation and integration of the formation of an organic and unified platform.