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Multifunction Intelligent Correlator ADC-III


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Multifunction Intelligent Correlator ADC-III



ADC-III Correlator, integrated with the low-power industrial laptop as the data processor, is the latest new generation correlator. It features with compact design, simple appearance and structure. 6-8 hours continuous power supply ensure the long operation time. Easy to use touch screen improve data entry and quality of data presentation. Powerful analysis software makes it convenient to analyze data on site or playback anywhere.

Key Benefits:

Integrated industrial laptop processor with English operation system, easy to use.

High-visibility color Touch Screen.

The sampling frequency achieves 10 K/S enhancing accuracy of leakage location.

Automatic Digital filtering, the range can be optimized according to on-site signal.

Automatic gain control is applied for transmitter, ensuring it with dynamic range from 50 dB to 100 dB that realize the optimal detection signal.

Up to 500 mw transmitter power satisfies the over-long correlation distance and enhances the communication performance with the receiver

Used for detect up to 10 sections mixed material pipes。

High-sensitivity acceleration sensor with amplifier is adaptable to all kinds of long-distance pipeline

Tri-Filter Correlation

Correlation results can be stored at any time without limit

Original detect data can be stored as required, convenient for playback and post analysis

Signal intensity and waveform can be observed in real time, meanwhile, leaking noise can be monitored in real time

Rechargeable batteries.


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