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Purple Xia correlator ADC-III


  ADC type III related instrument with Low Power Industrial Panel PC as the host of data processing. It combines the flexibility of computer software, a friendly display interface, and the products of energy saving and portable, traditional correlator is refreshed. Up to 6~8 hours of continuous work time to fully guarantee the continuity of the work. Powerful computer software, which greatly facilitates the analysis of the results of the field capacity and the ability to reproduce after the event. The streamlined structure of the instrument has increased the reliability of the instrument. Convenient touch operation mode to add the charm of the software.

The product is used in the artificial intelligent liquid pressure pipeline leak detection technology in science and technology committee chaired by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission held a scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee has been unanimously endorsed by the expert committee of experts. The Identification Committee said: "artificial intelligent liquid pressure pipeline leak detection technology" to fill the gaps in the domestic, its technical indicators have reached or exceeded the level of similar products in the world. The product has been applied in many units, and has been exported to many countries and regions, and won the praise of customers.

Product features

The use of low power industrial Tablet PC as an analysis of the host, the work is reliable, friendly interface. Pure Chinese operating system, easy to operate

Touch screen operation

The sampling rate of 10K/S (generally 5K/S), conducive to the rapid and accurate determination of leak location

Digital filter, manual settings, can be adjusted to the best according to the situation of the field signal

The transmitter adopts automatic gain control, and has the dynamic range of 100dB - 50dB, which makes the detection signal reach the optimum level.

500MW transmitter power can meet the long distance measurement, improve with the receiver of the communication performance of filters of mixed pipe diameter measurement, as many as 10 section

High sensitivity accelerometer (with zoom function > suitable for long distance measurement

Center related automatic tips

Relevant results can be stored at any time, there is no limit to the number of

The original data is stored at will, which is convenient for the subsequent playback and analysis of complex cases.

Real time observation of the signal intensity and signal waveform, to understand the situation of the field signal

Built in rechargeable lithium battery and charger, 220V alternating current can be charged directly, which is convenient for users to use.

The system has simple structure and high reliability.

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